Pocket Editions

New at Jawbone Digital are our Pocket Editions, a collection of some of our most popular, and most influential books in a smaller size, created for powerful portability. Most people don’t read nearly enough (Jawbone subscribers likely excluded), but there is always time. You just have to take advantage of the minutes that too often pass you by. Whether you take these to the restaurant, to the doctor’s office, or to the bathroom, you can have great reading material with you everywhere you go.

Our pocket classics are printed small (5″x8″ and in 10 or 11 point font), with as little fluff as possible. The idea here is to keep the prices low, and get you a book that you can fit in your pants’ pocket. Must of them are thin enough that the title will not be printed on the spine, but they certainly have plenty of backbone! Best of all, you can pass these on to your friends and family without a lot of expense for you.

As we said, this is a new venture around here, so while the collection might look small for now, we’ll be adding to them if there is a market out there. Want more? Let us know!

A.A. Allen

God’s Guarantee to Heal You (Coming soon)
The Price of God’s Miracle Working Power (Coming soon)

E.M. Bounds

Power Through Prayer
Prayer and Praying Men
Purpose in Prayer
Essentials of Prayer
The Necessity of Prayer
Possibilities of Prayer
The Reality of Prayer
The Weapon of Prayer
Heaven: A Place, A City, A Home
The Ineffable Glory: Thoughts on the Resurrection
Satan: His Personality, Power, and Overthrow

Charles S. Price

The Real Faith
The Meaning of Faith

Smith Wigglesworth

Faith That Prevails
Ever Increasing Faith