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Samuel Chadwick (1860-1932) was a Wesleyan Methodist minister. His straight-forward style of preaching has endeared him to many for generations.

Samuel Chadwick was born in Burnley, Lancashire in the industrialized north of England into a devout Methodist family. His father worked in a cotton mill and, at the age of 8, Samuel joined him, working 12-hour shifts. Several years later, at the age of 21, he became a lay pastor at nearby Stacksteads.

His faith was greatly deepened while he was in his late twenties. Such was his awakening that he burned all of his previous sermons and never looked back. He was soon preaching to larger congregations with greater results in Edinburgh and Glasgow. In 1890, Chadwick became ordained and accepted a position as superintendent of the Leeds Mission.

In 1904, Chadwick began lecturing weekly at Cliff College, a Methodist lay training center, commuting from Leeds. In 1907, he was appointed to a faculty position as a biblical and theological tutor. During this time, he continued his mission work in the South Yorkshire coal fields.

In 1912, when the Principal of Cliff died, Chadwick returned to the school and was formally appointed principal in 1913, remaining in that post for the rest of his career.

Famed outdoor evangelist Leonard Ravenhill was educated at Cliff College during Chadwick’s tenure.

At Cliff, Chadwick wrote The Way to Pentecost, which went to print as he was dying in 1932. In addition to the aforementioned, he is best known for his books The Call to Christian Perfection and The Path of Prayer. Chadwick’s works have been reprinted often since his death, and continue to be reprinted in new editions for new generations.

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The Collected Works of Samuel Chadwick

The Path of Prayer

The Way to Pentecost

The Call to Christian Perfection

Humanity and God


  1. Bill Kirkham

    I go to a small meeting,where satan has been busy even with so few of us. So we must be doing something right if it is only meeting that we do.
    Last week things seemed to be getting worse some of us thinking of leaving the meeting and a young sisters husband in trouble with the police, so that set me praying. The Lord turned me to Ephesians 6 :10 onwards, so I also turned to Jessie Pen Lewis Spiritual Warfare, that settled it for me, so the next meeting I brought the subject to the meeting and there was a very good response. The next prayer meeting we entered the fight.AMEN. It can only get better. The Cliff Trekkers used to visit our Town each summer in open airs in the 30s and 40s,great time for the gospel.

  2. Flora Forbes

    I am so thankful to the Lord to learn about Samuel Chadwick. I worked in Academic Theological Libraries and I am so grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to read great books written by Godly gifted writers!

    I did more research today on Samuel Chadwick and I have printed two chapters of the book “Pathway to Prayer.”

    Wesley Duewel is another author who wrote “Mighty Prevailing Prayer.”

    God is helping me to understand and to learn the great and significant importance of the Word and Prayer.

    Numbers 6:24-26

    1. admin (Post author)

      We’re glad that you are enjoying the studies. There is much that we can learn from the great cloud of witnesses that has gone before us.

      I find it interesting that you reference Duewel. His book “Mighty Prevailing Prayer” is also found on the list of books recommended by Leonard Ravenhill, who studied under Chadwick (and also recommended his books!).



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